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Video, Images, Text, Graphics,  social media technology has enabled every business to become a publisher and there are so many ways to get your message out to an audience.  If you're looking for something to get shares on Facebook and LinkedIn Twitter or Pinterest quality social media production is what you need.  Whether it's a full social media campaign or just your monthly trickle feed engaging social media that carefully matches your product and brand identity is important.



Here's some things that I do know as an absolute fact .

  1. Video out performs any other form of social media content 2 to 1.
  2. Typical advertising does not work!
    If you can make it interesting exciting funny or crazy enough that they share it with their friends you've more than doubled the effectiveness of the campaign
  3. It's their world; Every interest group or age different demographic has their own way of communicating whether it be industry jargon, street talk or even languages
  4. Timing and relevancy is everything; offering back to school specials three weeks after school has started is pointless waste of time, Planning your campaign against a calendar allows enough lead time to generate whatever content is required.


What Does work Socially. Just think newspaper or Magazine

  • Inspiring Lifestyle images
  • Industry news & events (Video & Print)
  • Humour, Excitement, Destruction, Failure, Success
  • Celebrity


I have included some examples of video and social media graphics that I have produced

and feel are the most successful.

Social Video

Social video is amazing if you're exhibiting at a trade show and you make a point of showing everybody that went,  the stalls, exhibitors, speakers and the social atmosphere at the conference.  Not only do you look good to your clients, but your video is likely to be shared amongst your industry peers and trickle down through to their clients and suppliers.

Social Images

When promoting Italian kitchen appliances, the main focus was on the photography, they had to look Beautiful, they had to look like something that you wanted to have in your kitchen.


Using Facebook meant that you are reaching the right age and demographic female 30+ that can typically have sales impact.   Secondly they had to be the type of images that your wife would share with her girlfriend or mother to say,  what do you think of this?


In doing so we increased our products exposure to the target audience because, women talk to women

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