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Our Process

Our standard advertising and marketing work-flow process that we use is a mix of new media and social technology techniques and old school agency marketing planning.  We follow tried and true advertising methodologies, that is; Planning, Designing, Producing, Promoting and Measuring. (Rinse and repeat)

Marketing Planning

We Plan with you,

Marketing Planning

Advertising Planning

Blog & Email Scheduling

Social Media Content

Web~eCommerce updates

Google Adwords & SEO




#1 Who are we trying to reach, How and How often

Every business is unique, the steps needed for you reach your customers will be different then the business next door.  Step one would be to do an analysis of your different customer profiles and then profile the most effective method of reaching them.  Don't believe everything you read on the web I have a number of clients that who's customer base don't use social media in any fashion, where as the next business might be better off doing it be to be via LinkedIn and totally ignoring Facebook.   It's all about the customers!


Just like it says in the headline, Who are we trying to reach, how and how often, so before we take a photo  Firstly define and plan the marketing, select the advertising channels, develop a blog & email calendar action plan, out line required Social Media Content, Plan any Web site and eCommerce updates, listing any google Adwords & SEO adjustments if needed


Graphic Design

We Design for you,

Message development

Tagline Development

Social Profile Branding

Templates & Collateral

Logos & Branding

Business Positioning

Product Graphics & Styling


#2 Message development and Graphic design

OK so in step one we've worked out the big picture “Who, What, When, Where and Why”,  now before we go any further remember it’s not about you It's all about the customers.   It's not what you want to sell, it what they are interested in buying, and why, what’s the solution to their problem/s or what would make their life easier or more successful.


That's what I mean by message development and graphic design, we have got the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” up on the whiteboard, now how do we turn out message around so that the customer finds it appealing, motivating and drives them to call us or go online and buy


A point from experience once you have done your text outline and graphics refer back to the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” just to double check your still on message, it's easy to wander of message.


Print & Video Production

We Produce for you,

Web, eMail & POS TV

Video, Audio & Media

Print & Design

Packaging & Industrial

Signs & Vehicles

3D Animations

#3 Graphics & Advertising Material Production

So now you've got your master text message and graphics, we now need to divide it up into channels.  What’s a channel I hear you ask.  Channels are how the message be delivered, printed materials, local or industry press, web advertisements, radio, TV, Twitter,  Facebook and more.  There are hundreds of options each one can be thought of as a television channel with a different age and user demographic, interest groups and type of audience.  Each channel will need your message and graphic to be massaged slightly different to work in that medium effectively.


Some channel’s might require more traditional call to action advertising while others will simply be sharing the product advantages or features in front of the user in a way that draws them to you more naturally.  Video can work 200~ 300% more effectively on Facebook or email marketing than just a flat image, and the added cost of video production might be easily weighed up against the number of potential consumers it attracts.


Social Media Marketing

We Promote effectively

Email Direct Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Web Advertising

Traditional Press Averts

POS TV & Posters

Radio & TV Advertising

#4 Launching the promotion

Launching your next promotion might be a big deal, a little deal or just Monday it depends on your business and your type of promotion.  By far the best form of promotion is regular and consistently on message,  Plan to slowly trickle out information bite by bite, this ensures that your customers WANT to stay in contact with you.  Nine times out of ten a trickle it is considerably better than one big promotion every year


One point I should make, an often forgotten factor with any form of advertising or marketing launch is making sure that all of the ducks in a row, have you launched the promotion on the right day of the week, have you double checked the web links in the spelling (don't laugh it happens to Fortune 500 companies).   The next step extend beyond the marketing and advertising area,  make sure that everyone from your salespeople to the receptionist and any other front end staff are aware of what's happening and what’s the intended result.  PS Be sure you have the right stock, of the right product, at the right price in your system and available on the shelves don't laugh, it's happened to a company I worked for, I would probably I think it's prudent to have a pre-launch checklist (mmm, I just might make on)



Marketing Campaign Analysis

We Measure & Report

Email Campaign Analysis

Social Marketing Analysis

Web & SEO Tracking

YouTube Tracking

On-line Surveys

Tele-Surveys & Polls

#5 Measuring & reporting the effectiveness

At the end of every advertising cycle whether it be weekly, fortnightly or yearly, it's a good idea to check on the campaign's effectiveness.  This is in no way I dig at your skills as a marketing person it's just a statement of reality, Fortune 500 companies get marketing wrong every day,  so firstly if you're doing any form of digital advertising look at the metrics, track the views, the clicks or whatever. It’s important to be open to change.  Try an A/B test, ask you best clients what you’ve got wrong (while you're at it ask you worst too)


It's important for you to realise that marketing and advertising is a process a process that you can get better at, if you are paying attention to your test scores, sales and feedback it's only through tracking your results that that you will understand your customers wants and needs



Summing Up

Every business is unique, there is not one right way, one right answer or one path to travel



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