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How We Work

How Bluecrystal creative works is flexible and responds to your needs at that point in time.  We have a number of options that can be further tailored to suit your business;

Marketing Partnerships

More than ever business need a significant business growth just to remain competitive  but don't have the budget to employ a full-time marketing person.  A marketing partnership with BlueCrystal Creative means you  pay commission on successful sales plus a very small weekly fee.  This is typically ideal for companies that produce larger ticket items that might need involved or graphical sales and marketing support.  more

Contract Marketing Consultant

Contract partnerships, are ideal for businesses with smaller ticket Products and involves a slightly higher weekly fee but no commission on sales. more


Graphic Design & Advertising Material creation

Like a lot of small business owners you most probably have a very good idea of what you want your advertising look like, but typically you lack the technical skills and experience to actually make it happen.  Graphic design and content creation means that we work exactly like a normal graphic artist on projects and is directed by you in the style as directed by you. We have an extremely broad range of skills and look forward to meeting your requests in a timely fashion.   more


Social Media Management

For most business the advantages of Social network marketing are many firstly the ads can be changed is quickly and instantly as opposed to the same spend on a print, secondly it allows you to target your order audience far more precisely then print magazine, and lastly you can track the performance of each ad and adjust as needed. more


CRM Customer Relationship Management

Take your marketing and customer interaction to the next level with a completely integrated and online CRM system. Record all customer interactions, Store all advertising campaigns, track email marketing responses and give oversight on remote staff actions and customer responses .

Customer relationship systems management systems let small business market like a big business and let you share resources seamlessly across your entire workforce, at work, at home, in the car all the customer information & history, is available at all times. more


The advantages of a
weekly Contract Fee?

A weekly consultant fee allows us to take the time to develop a relationship with you and try and understand your products services and your relationship with your clients.

Allowing us to develop this knowledge about your business will significantly reducing your workload and time taken in explaining each brief as we are already halfway down the track each time.

A range of other services can also be included with contract consulting like basic is CRM and monthly in the mail outs.

Affordable marketing support

We offer flexible and cost effective ideas for small businesses without lengthy contracts or staffing costs.


BlueCrystal Creative work with your existing staff to providing extra skills and creative ideas; We can assist you with promotions, advertising projects.



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